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Our Thought for the Week comes from Pastor Strode's message on Sunday, October 13

LUKE 17: 11-19

When our prayers are answered, we should express our gratitude to the Lord with our praise. Jesus uses the parable of the ten lepers who were healed but only one returned to praise Jesus for the healing.  As Believers  we need to be reminded that God owes us nothing beyond what we have already received. But the Son of God listens to our prayers and intercedes with grace because of His love for us, without consideration merit nor works.

As we experience the Lord's grace in our lives, we should remember to praise the Lord personally in our prayers; publicly in the assembly of Believers and as a testimony to others.

Jesus did more than heal the lepers; He reconnected them to family, community and to Him. We must reflect on how we express our gratitude for every measure of grace which reminds us that we are part of the Lord's extended family.

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