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"I Give You My Word," John 1: 1-4, 14; Pastor Marvin Spence

In today's world, someone giving their word may not be a guarantee that what was promised would be actually received. Lawyers prosper because of breached contracts and hearts are broken because of unfulfilled promises. Even appliances and automobile warranties are subject to interpretation and medicines may not provide advertised results. But God is Truth, His Word and His Promise to us remain true then and now. We celebrate Christmas because God made a promise to humanity that we would be delivered from sin's captivity if they would believe in the Messiah, who would live among us and ultimately suffer an atoning death to save us. God is a promise-keeper.

When we embrace God's Word and God's Son, Jesus, we begin to see this earthly life from a Christ—like perspective. Like the Lord our word is our bond and is our commitment to do what we said just as the Lord keeps His promises to us. Our spiritual discernment to do what is pleasing to God is like a bright light guiding us on a path of living sanctified lives. We must look past prior experiences with others who have not kept their word to us because our relationship with the Lord is not like any worldly experience. Reflect on your faith experience, recall how your prayers were answered, and your real-life experiences with the Lord's grace in challenging situations. Will you be willing to give the Lord your word and promise to live as a Christian ought?

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