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Back-to-School Supply Drive 

Fueling Education Initiative: Check out the news coverage received for these efforts on FOX 6 NEWS. 

MLK Scholarship Milwaukee All-A-Thon 

Thank you to everyone who came to help raise money for college scholarships. The All-A-Thon is over, but fundraising is not. Your contributions are still needed! More information can be found by CLICKING HERE or you can contact Tuwania Anderson if you have additional questions.

Children's Cultural Library

Please donate and contribute cultural reading materials to help our children affirm their King and Queen status. See the pastors, Sister Shawn Jones and Tuwania Anderson.


Upcoming Church Events

Click on the link for your copy of the AFC 2023 Church Activities calendar.

Planning Church Events and Activities 

If you are planning a Church event or activity, please complete a Communications Form before you begin planning. Paper copies are available at the back of the Church or download this printable PDF. If you prefer, here is an ELECTRONIC FORM. Questions can be directed to any member of the Communications Committee.

Virtual Bible Study - 6pm Wednesdays 

We are studying the Gospels. All are welcome. Those who desire to participate with a computer, tablet or smartphone via Microsoft Teams can CLICK HERE to participate.

Sunday School - 9am Sundays

Learning is growing. We invite all ages to join us for in-person or virtual Sunday School on Sundays at 9:00 am. Let us grow together. To join virtually CLICK HERE. To prepare in advance or do self-study at home, CLICK HERE.


Your Weekly Offering is Needed and Appreciated!

Thank you for being part of our Church Family. Your offering is needed and appreciated. You can mail your check to us at 2429 W. Hampton Avenue (Milwaukee, WI 53209). We also utilize “cash app,” where you can transfer funds to our handle, @ $AFCmke

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