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"Get to Know Him," John 1: 29-42; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Becoming the Christian that we aspire to be requires us to do more than invest time in intellectual study, amassing Biblical facts or memorizing numerous scriptures. We are called and challenged to actively listen to what we are being taught to live as Christ-changed and Holy Spirit lead Christians. Knowing the Lord is spending time studying His Word; applying to His teaching to everyday life decisions and adopting a Christ-like perspective toward this earthly life. This becomes apparent when our attitudes and behaviors values shift to lovingly helping others rather over prioritizing ourselves. Our fellowship includes other Believers who share faith lessons learned and encourage all to trust the Lord. Because we know the Lord we prepare for His return and exhort others to repent while there is still time. It is only when we connect the spiritual teachings to ourselves that we can explain to first to ourselves then to others who the Lord is and what He means to us.

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