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"You Should Be a Witness," Luke 24 : 36-48; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Jesus's disciples witnessed two life changing events: Jesus' atoning death on the Cross for our sins and the resurrected Jesus entering a locked room to explain to frightened disciples that He fulfilled the prophetic Scriptures. We, too, experienced life-changing events which lead us to repent of our sinful life-style and become Believers who live by faith in the Lord. Like the disciples our duty is to bear witness to others what living a Christ-changed life has meant to us based on our personal experiences. When His Holy Spirit is active in our hearts and minds, our testimony is bold, credible and convincing because we credit the Lord for our new life. We look back over our life taking note of the Lord's unchanging love and faithfulness to us regardless of our inconsistent faith and actions. We are changed in spirit and perspective. Our great commission is to report to others that they too can experience the Lord's grace, mercy and love--look at us we are Exhibit A--His witnesses.

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