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"Wise Choice," Luke 10: 38-42, Pastor Marvin G Spence

As Believers we want to make the right choices in our life and faith journey because there are consequences which affect ourselves and others. For Believers the key to right choices is life application of scriptural teachings, following Jesus' examples in maintaining a proper relationship with God and treating others as we would like to be treated. Begin with incorporating the Holy Spirit's discernment, empowerment and guidance into our daily activities. Be mindful of who you choose to listen to and allow to influence your decisions. If others counsel you to focus more either on the material rather than the spiritual or focus on the immediate rather than the eternal, then ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to remove those influences from your life. When we commit to being a Christian, we no longer conform to worldly standards and must choose to not compromise our faith and identity to be like everyone else. Indicators of wise choices are the spiritual fruit you produce (Galatians 5: 22-23) and the people who are drawn to your lifestyle. If you choose the Lord, then let that be your priority rather than an option.

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