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"While We Are Waiting," Mark 13: 1-8; Pastor Richard Strode

Jesus makes it clear to His disciples that after He dies an atoning death on the cross for our sins and overcomes death by His resurrection, He is coming back for His Believers . While we may want to know exactly when is Christ's second coming, what is important is that we are prepared for the Lord's coming. The warning signs of death, destruction and deception remain relevant to us today as they were to the disciples. As Believers, we are to take these signs seriously and be ready for His return. While we eagerly await His return, we need to work on being the best Christians possible because the Lord will demand that everyone, saved and sinner, to account for how they used the salvation opportunity to reconcile with God. What are we waiting for to be the spiritual watchman sounding the warning to repent? To share our spiritual fruit? Allow the Holy to guide and empower us to proclaim the Good News?

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