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"Where Are Running to?" Hebrews 11:29--12:2, Pastor Richard Strode

Hebrews reminds us that even Believers can be influenced and tempted to stray from living as a Christian ought. Hebrews uses the imagery of running a race to compare our lives to living as a Christian ought. There are many examples of those Believers who kept the faith, but those same people had human failings. Jesus had a spiritual racecourse set before Him that He successfully completed with His death on the Cross. He is the perfect example of how to run a faith journey. We, too, have a spiritual course set before us as try to live a Christ--changed life. There are attitudes, behaviors and people who can hinder us if we let them impede our faith journey. We can be led to give up, retreat or run aimlessly in circles accomplishing nothing if we trust their murmurings over our faith experiences. We are called spiritually to "run" in a direction to aligns with Jesus' life lessons. When Jesus is our sponsor and we represent Him to the world, we remain focused on running the right race, for the right reasons and the right prize--the place He has prepared for us.

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