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Luke 18: 1--8

When times are bad, take note that everyone has life experiences with challenges, disappointments and difficulties, To prevail over these issues requires that we keep our faith strong and push through those situations. How we function as Christians when things are not going well with us can be a testimony to others about the strength of our faith.  

Will we face persecution or be made the scapegoat for others misbehavior? How do we keep our focus and trust in the Lord?

We must follow our spiritual GPS and neither  let the perversities of this world as described in 2nd Timothy 3: 14--4:5 to overtake us nor to mirror worldly values,  or to pull us away from our calling as Christ's ambassadors and disciples. We need a "made up" mind that we will prevail over the sinful influences and  lures of this world with the Holy Spirit's empowerment. 

Is our responses to these times "Woe is Me or Lord Help Me?

Learn from the widow's parable to keep the faith, don't give up and trust the Lord's timing regarding your faith challenge.

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