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" What I Do for Living," Luke 2: 41-52, Pastor Marvin G Spence

Some people identify themselves by appearance, personality or occupation. Jesus chose to identify himself by his calling which was to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy of the Messiah who would bring spiritual freedom to all who accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Like Jesus, Believers should live out their calling and "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have...(1 Peter 3:15)". Just as baptism is a public statement and commitment to live a Christ-changed life, so is our calling a public statement of what we believe. We can most effectively express our sharing of the gospel when we 1. Use life-lessons learned from our faith experience and from other Believers; 2. Seek Holy Spirit confirmation that actions taken in the Lord's Name identify you as a Believer; 3. Listen, yield and obey your calling and 4. Share you message in a manner which relates to the needs of the listeners. We are identified as the Lord's representative based on actions based on how closely our gospel talk matches our Christian living.

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