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"What Happened to the Hosannas?" Luke 19: 28-40 Pastor Richard Strode

Palm Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem, greeted with shouts of Hosanna (Lord Save), treated like a king with garments, palm fronds and branches spread before him so that His feet never touch the ground. Yet three days later the crowds would shout "Crucify Him!" What happened to Hosannas? Like those disciples, the crowds who follow and the ever-critical Pharisees our commitment to the Lord can be influenced by circumstances and situations. When the Lord was not the conquering hero to lead the Jews to independence, the Jews were unable to see His kingdom was spiritual rather political. We may enthusiastically praise and worship the Lord but if our prayers are unanswered timely, how long before our praise ends and doubt becomes our focus. In spite of the people's shallowness, Jesus still loved them and us enough to atone for our sins by redemptively dying on the Cross. Jesus wept for the Jews who failed to appreciate salvation's gift because it consigned them to eternal life in hell. Let us wisely use salvation to begin a new life, guided by the Holy Spirit, committed to live as He taught and treat others with unconditional love.

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