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Luke 20: 27--38

Pastor Richard Strode Sr

In this passage we find Jesus' authority,  separation of church and state obligations, even Scriptural knowledge challenged by those who profess to know God. The Saducees, who don't believe in the resurrection and follow Mosiac law (Genesis through Deuteronomy), ask Jesus a trick question about the resurrection. The critical unasked question is what are we living for in this life?  For some, living everyday life is their best life now. Their success is measured by achievements in terms of attaining wealth, fame and relationships. Is it possible that there is life after we shed this mortal frame and this life after death represents a transition to an immortal, imperishable body? Reciting Mosaic law, Jesus teaches the Saducees and reminds us that God is a living God whose his dominion includes us.  There will be an accounting of how we invested our gifts, talents, our priorities and where emulating Christ's teachings ranked in our lives.  This assessment leads us to ask where will we spend eternity, in Heaven or Hell? We should be mindful of life decisions in this life which  have eternal consequences.

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