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"Walk in the Light," Psalms 119: 105--112, Pastor Richard Strode

For most of us, there is something about being in the dark which makes us want to dispel darkness with light. Fears of darkness go back to our childhood, insisting that lights remain on in our bedrooms, and continue even into adulthood with lights on in the house and motion detection lights outside the house. We take these steps to be aware of perceived, potential danger to our well-being. There is a spiritual darkness which should evoke similar fears for our souls but some prefer living in spiritual blindness (2 Cor. 4:4). Some use darkness to justify evil acts and wrongdoing; others erroneously believe that their deeds are hidden from an all-knowing God. The Psalmist shares a life-lesson learned and a testimony: God's Word provides us the light of understanding the consequences of our actions . This spiritual discernment allows us to see the benefits and truth of living a Christian life. We are then encouraged to stay on the path as we continue our faith journey toward the destination which the Lord has promised us. Now that we are fully informed about the usefulness of the Bible as a life-changing guide, will we forsake the darkness and follow the light of its teaching?

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