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"Victory over a Great Virus," John 11: 38-45, Pastor Marvin G Spence

As you listen to any news outlet the recurring headline is the numbers of people infected by the corona flu virus continues to increase as does the related death tolls. Despite the best efforts of the government it is projected that as many as 200,000 Americans will die from this virus before the pandemic is over. Corona virus invades our physical being and creates flu symptoms which some recover from and others die from this virus. It continues to generates blame, irrational fears and a sense of helplessness. This too shall pass just as the 2009 H1NI flu virus did. Can the same be said about the spiritual sin virus infects everyone descended from Adam?

Sin as a virus invades our body, emotions, relationships, motives leading us to become morally bankrupt and spiritually weak leading  to death as the final outcome (Rom. 6:23).

We learn from Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus that death is not the final answer. When we are "dead" in the eyes of this world, having nothing left Jesus intervenes in our worst situation and turns it into our best life now. Our challenge is to come from confines of  the "tomb" and respond to the Lord's call upon our life. We celebrate our liberation from those things  which had us bound by praising the Lord and helping others take off their grave clothes (baggage) who then discover their new life as a Christian. 

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