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"Valued," 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31, Pastor Marvin Spence

There are life lessons to be learned about what is really valuable to the Lord because too many decisions are made based on external factors such as appearance, relationships and wealth. These factors are temporary and lose their attractiveness and value over time. What is most valuable to the Lord is the inner person's spirit and desire to work together with others to represent Christ to the world through witness and works. An effective assembly of Believers remembers humbly their deliverance from slavery to salvation, where their faith journey begins and values the Lord's grace in their lives. They have learned to value listening without judgment and that cooperation trumps competition. Scripture teaches that behind-the-scenes contributions are just as valuable and needed as the visible actions of other Believers. All God-given gifts should work together for the unity of the Church and together exalt the Lord. Our challenge is to be dedicated to our Christian calling. As the Lord has demonstrated our value to Him with His atoning death on the cross for us, we must that we similarly value those created in God's image

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