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"UNIFIED," Psalms 133; Pastor Marvin G Spence

God desires that His people, those who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, be united in purpose, praise and practice as Believers. We must remember that there is one God, one faith and one baptism. Christians should never let religion rituals separate them from other Christians who may worship differently but also lived a Christ-changed life. Believers share the same spiritual personality that produces spiritual fruitfulness shared with others. Living a repentant life draws others to the Lord because we value spiritual character over worshipping material gain. We welcome the Holy Spirit into our life decisions to guide, teach and help us discern the Lord's calling upon our lives. In the spirit of unity, let us focus what we share in common: Repentant life; Lord as Savior and member of the Trinity; Belief in the resurrection; Power of prayer and regardless of circumstances—praise the Lord. Let's not let man-made religious rules separate us from working together to share the gospel.

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