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"This is an Awesome Place " Genesis 28: 10-19 (key verse 16), Pastor Marvin G. Spence

When we reflect on our life's challenges, troubles and messed-up situations, we remember there is a compassionate, loving God who seeks to rescue us. It is when we are at our lowest point, our solutions failing us, overwhelmed and exhausted that we become receptive to the Lord's Providence. Like Jacob, we learn that a personal experience with God changes how we think, live and what really matters. Our perspective changes from the immediate to the heavenly and things which used to trouble us no longer control us because we are trusting what the Lord has planned for us. Some may feel unworthy of the Lord's grace but that is not our decision; it is God's. Let us praise God for looking past our baggage, good intentions and sins. Even when we have turned our backs to God and we were outliers, God decided that we were saving and becoming useful to bring others to the knowledge of His Will for us. Remember God is as close to you as your hands; use your mind and voice to call upon the Lord.

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