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Think Like a Colt," Mark 11: 1--11; Pastor Marvin G Spence

When Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time, He was greeted with "Hosannas--Save, Rescue us now," and treated as the liberating king by the Israelites who resented Rome's rule. Jesus came as the King of Peace riding on a colt (young donkey) whose character traits were humbleness, patience and willingness to carry heavy loads without complaint. Do those traits remind you of Christian character? If we were to think like this donkey, we would realize that we have been called to be useful in the Lord's ministry. Like the donkey, we must be untied from those things (anxiety, guilt, need for forgiveness, health or financial pressures) which prevent us from being the people who the Lord has called us to be. Our prayer on this Palm Sunday is what is it that needs to untied in our lives so that we are free to do the Lord's calling for our lives? Is it discipleship, praise, sharing my spiritual fruit with others, increasing my faith, being willing to forgive or accept others' forgiveness? Our goal is to be untied from whatever binds and holds us back so that we can be united with the Lord who is tied to the cross on our behalf.

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