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"There is No Comparison," Mark 8: 27-38; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Sometimes when we are in relationships with others, someone will likely as these questions: Who is that person and what is he/she to you? Jesus posed those questions to His disciples so that they could discern the divinity of Christ, basis for their faith and commitment to discipleship. As Christians, when we reflect on what obstacles we have overcome, think about the differences in our life compared to Non-Believers. We enjoy the benefits of grace, experience the power of answered prayers, and we rightly conclude there is nothing better than being a Christian. We may not be always successful in matching our Christian speech with actions that reflect our love for the Lord, but His grace and mercy provides us more opportunities to be better Christians. Only Jesus suffered an agonizing, atoning death on the cross to redeem us from sin's slavery and reconcile us to God. No other religion can make that claim or extend the promise of eternal life with the Lord. All things considered no other religion, personality or icon can compare with what the Lord has in store for those who love Him.

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