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"The Truth Is the Key," John 4: 21-26, Pastor Jerome Riley (Total Praise Church)

God can work change in our lives and use us to lead others to the knowledge of living a Christ-changed life if we are honest and truthful about our need to remain in His Will. When we look in our spiritual mirror we must confess that we are a Christian work in progress. When we gather to worship, it is our opportunity to encourage each to keep our focus on pleasing the Lord even when we backslide or make missteps. The truth of the matter is that we unable to be who the Lord has called us to be without the empowerment of His Spirit. It is a humbling truth for some to learn Christians fall short of the Lord's expectations but still enjoy His grace. The Lord loves us too much to leave us lacking and extends his grace and mercy for us to be the Christians we proclaim. Please use the time remaining in our lives to demonstrate our love for the Lord by how we treat each as Jesus as treated us. This is truly what the Lord expects of His people.

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