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"Take It Up Again," John 10: 11--18; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Sometimes Believers can forget where their loyalty lies and we get caught up with living for self, conforming to worldly expectations and priorities. In our lives there will come a moment of discernment when we realize we have been listening to the wrong person, making self the priority, and living as a Christian in name only. We realize that we no longer share the connection with the Lord that the Lord shares with Father God. While there is still time, we confess our shortcomings and with the Spirit's help can live a repentant life. We need to make living as Jesus taught our priority and take on our responsibility to introduce lost souls to the life-changing knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Savior. As His servants we need to use our God-given gifts and talents in a manner which reminds others of living as Christian's ought. Our goal is to hear the Lord saying that He is pleased with our service in His Name.

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