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"Summoned for the Storm (When We Are in Troubled Waters)", Mark 4: 35-41, Pastor Marvin G Spence

The true measure of your faith is your response when confronted with a situation beyond your abilities to control or solve. This is a faith-life lesson that the disciples learned when they gave in to their fears of drowning in a stormy sea rather relying on their Christian faith to preserve their lives even in a storm. Like the disciples, we can sometimes panic and forget the Lord's promise to never forsake us even though He has never failed to answer our prayers. To maintain our confident hope in the Lord's providence in the midst of our personal storms, let us remember our personal relationship with the Lord. Let us remember where we came from and remind ourselves it was by the Lord's grace that we are still here as living testimony of the Lord's love for us. Facing another storm? Pray with assurance that He will see you through that storm.

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