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"Storm Survivor," Matthew 14: 22-33, Pastor Marvin G. Spence

When we read Matthew 14: 22-33, there is a life lesson which goes beyond Jesus' walking on water and that lesson is the power of faith. Storms in our lives are challenges and situations which completely overwhelm us. We can neither avoid them, nor control them or manage the outcomes--we are helpless. The disciples experienced stormy seas but we may try to weather emotional burnout, financial storms; lingering health conditions even periods of doubting God's grace, providence and timing. When we feel that we are about to lose our mind and all that we hold dear, let us learn from Peter's courage and look to the Lord for help, rather than giving into the false comfort of avoidance. Our effective, powerful prayers must be grounded in confidence and faith that our Lord is able to abundantly and exceedingly do more than we expect or deserve. Remember storms are temporary but Jesus' promises are eternal which means we can survive any storm. Let us aspire to neither be like the eleven disciples who failed to count on Jesus in the storm nor like Peter who stepped out in faith but doubted his faith in the Lord's divine power over everything. There may be naysayers in our midst who say we won't survive the storms but we did. We became stronger, wiser and emboldened to share that good news with someone who may not see their way out of their storms. Keep building on your faith.

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