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"Speaking By the Spirit," 1 Cor. 12: 3-13, Pastor Marvin G Spence

In today's world Believers face numerous faith challenges some of which include: Pandemic fears, economic uncertainty, greater likelihood of using a food pantry rather than a donor for food pantries, newly unemployed, worship deemed non-essential, masks and social distancing the new normal. It can be challenging to remain right-minded, Holy Spirit grounded and speak an encouraging Word first to self and then to others. Everyone is thirsting for answer. Who should we listen to? Whose voice should we follow? If we are Spirit-lead then we can speak the Lord's truth to  power even in the midst of chaotic times. When we allow the Holy Spirit to take residence in our hearts, we will be endowed with spiritual gifts which allow us to be the Lord's change agents.  Our conscience question: Are we to speak in fear or with Holy Spirit empowered confidence? Find your answer and strength in God's Word.

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