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"Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening," 1 Samuel 3: --10, Pastor Marvin Spence

God's calling Samuel to become His servant can serve as a teachable moment about how we respond to God's calling us to be in His Service. In this scripture, young Samuel listened to God's call and sought answers from the Judge Eli who told him that when the Lord calls, reply and say: "Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening." As Christians we are all commissioned to seek out lost souls and share the gospel with unbelievers to give them an opportunity to repent and discover a Jesus-changing life experience. There are times that some folk are more alert to calling on God for their needs than attentive to what God requires of them. God's word, the Bible, speaks to us if we read it, reflect on its teachings and apply its life-lessons into our own lives. Prayer speaks to us about the Lord's will for us. If while we are asking for self, we also ask His Spirit what do you require of me--God will answer us. We must ask ourselves if we are displaying a servant's heart which values pleasing our Master rather empty rituals and outward worship. Scripture is clear that God values obedience more than sacrifice and worship more than ritual. God will give us a message about the next steps in our life. Our challenge is to listen to the call, commit to change our attitude and behavior by replying "Here I am Lord, Use Me."

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