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“SOUR GRAPES,” Jeremiah 31: 27-34; Pastor Marvin Spence

"Sour Grapes" can be an attitude that envies what someone else has that we feel entitled to receive whether we merit it or not. This is not an attitude for Christians who should celebrate when others are also blessed. This scripture uses the image of eating "Sour Grapes" as a metaphor for teaching personal accountability and responsibility for our decisions and actions. God is pleased when we produce healthy spiritual fruit that can be shared to enrich the lives of others. Our attitudes can be sour and sour others if we fail to listen to exercise Holy Spirit discernment or accept the need to treat others as we would to be treated by the Lord. The Lord is coming back to hold us accountable for what we did or failed to do in His Name. Will our works in His Name be found fruitful spiritual wine or vinegar?

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