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"Simple Acts," 2nd Kings 5: 1-14; Pastor Marvin G Spence

It is said that simple actions and little things can materially make the difference between being understood or misunderstood. For example, the impact of saying "Please, Thank You, Love You" or other words which convey sincerity can influence relationships and thwart emotional and violent outcomes. Much of human discord stems from failures to listen and to communicate clearly which is a life lesson taught by 2nd Kings 5: 1-14. Sometimes we are blind to solutions because those ideas don't fit into our expectations of the right thing. Pray for Holy Spirit discernment and humility to do the right thing regardless of the messenger (Lord can use anyone to bless you). We are called to simply share our faith without being spectacular, neither overwhelming the listener with guilt, numerous scriptures nor deciding if that person deserves the Lord's blessing. Remember Jesus' first saying on the cross: "Forgive Them" applies to us as well. When the Lords calls us to minister to others, our response should be simply "Yes, here I am."

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