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"Signs of a New Life," Ephesians 4: 25-5: 2, Pastor Richard Strode

Paul's letter to the Ephesian Believers about needed life-changes if one desires to imitate Jesus' example are relevant to Believers today. Jesus' redemptive death made it possible for us to live a new life but it is our responsibility to continue living as a Christian ought. When we embrace the responsibility that comes with representing Christ in our lives, we will consciously control what we say to others. Our words can either educate, encourage, or destroy and others are watching to confirm if our behavior truly reminds them of the Lord's teaching.

We can choose to use anger not as a destructive force but as an opportunity to build up and enlighten by learning how Jesus used anger to address people problems without destroying the person. If a self-proclaimed Christian has not replaced old sinful habits with a new discipline of loving others as Christ loves them, then that person has not begun a new in life in Christ.

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