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"Say What?" Ephesians 2: 11--22; Pastor Marvin G Spence

When you publicly proclaim that your conviction is to live a Christ changed life, how will you respond when others "say what?" about your repentant life? Believers and others will look for confirmation that your actions match Christian teachings in your conversations with them. There should be a new person who shows love for others by sharing encouraging words and meeting others at their point of need. We should display our love for others as a joyful expression of who we are in Christ, rather than a solemn duty. Just as the Lord accepted us just as we were, we welcome anyone who desires to become a new person in Christ. When others note the change in us and "say what?" we say "look at us now", we are children of the King no longer the same person anymore. If I can change with the Holy Spirit’s help, so can you. Give living a Christ-changed life a 90-day trial and see the difference in your life.

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