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"Run with Purpose," Philippians 3: 4-14, Pastor Marvin G Spence

Being the Christian that we aspire to be is like a marathon race, think long-distance and lifelong process. We must remember that benchmarks such as prayer, scriptural reflection, worship, and witness are steps along our faith journey but it is not our final destination. We must avoid complacency, think our work is complete and we have arrived at Christian perfection. We must continue to live out our Christ-changed life and influence others to follow Christ until our life's end. Inevitably there will be entanglements and trials which can slow our faith journey but we have His Holy Spirit to empower, refresh and revive our desire to follow our Christian calling to share the Good News. God's calling will take us from where we are and direct us to where our witness is needed. As we travel on our faith journey, let us remember to leave no one behind. Let us encourage and support any Believer who needs us to continue their faith journey then our living is not in vain.

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