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"Right Look or Right Heart," 1 Samuel 15: 13-16: 1-13; Pastor Richard Strode

Many times we make life-changing decisions (hiring, financial, relational, etc.) based on the "right look," which sometimes have wrong outcomes. This is a lesson the Israelites had not mastered even though they lived through Saul who looked the part of a king but was a failure because he didn't have a God--loving heart. Even God--loving Believers like Samuel and us need to be taught that God values the content of our character over the appearance of being devoted to His teachings. By the world's standards few of us have the "it factor" appearance which would influence others to listen to us. What the media portrays as beauty to aspire for means nothing to God who desires us to become people after God's heart. As we recognize all who have been promoted, graduated, or received certificates of competency, we encourage you to add that knowledge understanding. Include in that understanding how God's grace helped you make it this far. Add to that understanding life application of those divine lessons learned and you will acquire wisdom and a right heart for the Lord.

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