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"Real World Realities," Mark 16: 1-8; Pastor Marvin G Spence

After Jesus' crucifixion and burial, His disciples were called to face a reality without Him physically with them as Lord and Savior. He did leave them and us with life lessons to successfully navigate living in this world with all its problems and sinfulness as Christians with a distinctive life-style. Lessons can be summarized as the 4 "R's" of New Life in Christ: 1. Redemption-- He paid our sin debt so that we have the opportunity to live as the Lord taught us; 2. Responsibility--Salvation was freely given everyone, but it is our choice to become His disciples by learning to display selflessness by treating others as the Lord has blessed and forgiven us; 3. Resurrected Life--We must live no longer as a prisoner of our past but as new person with a new purpose; 4. Regeneration--Change is needed and necessary if we are to live up to our calling and ministry as His representatives. God's Only Son Provides Everlasting Life is the "Gospel" that made the difference in our lives and we are grateful to be able to share that good news to anyone who will listen to us.

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