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"Prescription for Discouragement," Haggai 1: 15-2: 9; Pastor Marvin G Spence

There will be times in our lives when afflictions, difficulties with finances or relationships, impoverishment while others prosper and our prayers for relief seem unanswered. For most of Believers these experiences can be the recipe for discouragement. Our faith may weaken and our praise may become lukewarm. The prophet Haggai provides its readers a four-step prescription to maintain our faith in all circumstances, especially those affecting our quality of life.

First, let go of stuff that keeps us discouraged; remember how the Lord's grace and mercy previously has been a response to your prayers. Then, build for the future rather than remain buried in the past and remember that the Lord is always with you. Next, live with confident faith and expectation that it will work out. Finally, plan ahead, prepare self for the blessings to come and turn discouragement into encouragement for yourself and others.

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