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"Plead for Mercy," Genesis 18: 20-33; Pastor Marvin G Spence

There are times we make decisions whose consequences justify divine punishment for our sins and our only option is ask the Lord for compassion and forgiveness. This is the life lesson taught to us in Genesis 18: 20--33: God doesn't want any of us suffer is His justice if we humble ourselves, confess our sinfulness and pray for mercy. As Believers we must pray for and with each other that God extends His mercy to us in spite of our inconsistent faith, failures to live a constant Christian lifestyle and self-inflicted sinful decisions. We must acknowledge our allegiance and dependance upon the Lord as our Savior and intercessor. We may be unable to avoid the consequences of our sins but with ever increasing faith in the Lord we that we will prevail over any worldly concerns. Recall that someone prayed for you, took the time to pray for you. You and I must likewise do the same for each other, just Jesus prayed for us.

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