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"Place in Storage:" 1 Timothy 6: 6-19; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Wisdom from our elders teaches us to save something for a rainy day because you will need something to fall back on. As you apply this advice in your life-changing decisions, have you inventoried what is in your spiritual storage? For some people, there is an over-reliance on material acquisition and accumulating wealth as though those things will shelter one in times of challenge and trouble. Often seeking the "good life" can lead to disappointment, jealousy and the willingness to do anything for the "almighty dollar." As Christians we are told store up spiritual treasures which moths and rust cannot destroy (Matthew 6: 19-21). We have a tendency to keep emotional clutter and junk from bad decisions, mistakes, failed relationships, etc. which distract and impede us focus on our faith journey. Store an inventory of spiritually valuable experiences such as answered prayers, recalling Holy Spirit guidance and God's grace and mercy in your life. You can draw upon this inventory to sustain you during the challenges and trials we will all encounter. Spiritual wealth trumps worldly wealth every time when your focus is upon eternal life.

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