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2nd Sunday Advent: Peace and Preparation--"Peace Beyond Understanding," Isaiah 40: 1-11; Pastor Marvin G Spence

One of the most encouraging gifts from God to us is that God intervenes to comfort us in midst of our despair, grief, hopelessness, sickness, trials and tribulations. Isaiah's foretelling to the captive Hebrews is a lesson that we can also be uplifted by. When our hope is focused on God, we continue our faith journey with the reassurance that we are neither forsaken nor forgotten because our prayers will be answered. While non-believers may doubt God's grace, providence and choose to give in to difficult circumstances, Christians choose to be content no matter what the situations. This is the Lord's peace which comforts us with knowledge that the Lord's intervention and timing is at the right time. Our spiritual peace allows us to remain centered, emotionally stable with a confidence that the Lord will proactively work in our lives because the Lord sees our tomorrows. Prepare yourself to welcome the Lord's peace into your life and you will become the person the Lord has called you to be.

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