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"Overshadowed by Love," Luke 1: 26-38; Pastor Marvin G Spence

When God became flesh and entered this world as a human infant named Jesus, God's love for us was personified and the promised Savior had arrived. The Savior's influence touched every aspect of our lives--overshadowing and overpowering circumstances, doubts, fears and hopelessness with love. When we allow the Savior's love to become the centerpiece of our lives, we can see His presence and His Spirit working together for our good. We are able to declare that we are "blessed and highly favored, recalling God's grace, mercy and patience with us as we grow into Christian discipleship. Our life lessons learned about faith have taught us that if we remain in His will, we experience a Holy Spirit peace because we know who is working on our behalf. God has proven His love for us and so has His Son by word and actions. Are we able to handle what the Lord has in store for us? If we are willing to accept the Lord's love, share that love with others and live as beloved by the Lord, then we have hope which never disappoints, experience unconditional love and rejoice to share the Good News to whoever listens to us.

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