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"Open Door, Open Invitation," John 10: 1-10, Pastor Marvin G. Spence

For some Believers it may be hard to express who Jesus is to themselves and others. Believers during the time of John 10: 1-10 faced a similar dilemma regarding Jesus. Was He Immanuel, Messiah, prophet, teacher or revolutionary? Jesus was all of that and more. Using an example that those readers were familiar with and one that we could relate to, Jesus describes himself as the Good and loving Shepherd. There is comfort and security in knowing that Jesus would and did give His life away so that we could be redeemed. We now have the opportunity of eternal life with Him. The Gospel provides us the following guidance on being a good shepherd: Loving those entrusted in your care so much that you would sacrifice all that you value, including your life to protect and rescue them. Only Jesus could love us that much. We learn the depths of His love for us when we listen and obey His voice just like the sheep in John 10. Will you accept His open and standing invitation to join His flock? The invitation is free but you must open the door to your heart and welcome the Savior.

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