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"One Thing," Luke 10: 25-32, Pastor Richard Strode

What is one thing you would change in your faith journey to become a better Christian? Some would say regularly attend Church, pray more, give more and study scriptures which all excellent expressions of worship. Consider if one needs a change of heart. One change that would make a quantum leap in our Christian discipleship and maturity is to unconditionally love others as Christ loves us. This is something that we often fail at especially when that person is unrelated by blood or race. We cannot hide behind scripture, be selective in compassionate love for others or blame others for their pitiful situations while we have the capacity to help them. The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches that anyone is deserving of our compassion as we remind ourselves of the Lord's compassion extended into our lives. The Lord neither lowers His expectations for Believers nor lowers His standards for displaying Agape love. If you would change one thing in your life, let it be our calling to love others as the Lord loves us in spite of our imperfections, missteps and failures. With the Holy Spirit help we can do it.

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