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"Mother--Color Her Love, Acts 9: 36-43, Pastor Richard Strode

The most influential and impactful person in our lives, besides Lord Jesus Christ, are our mothers. No greater compliment can be paid to a mother's love than comparing God's love for us to a mother's love for her child (Isa. 66: 13). Mother's love can reflect the unconditional (agape) love that Jesus wanted us to share with others which identifies us to the world as His people.

A mother's love is colorless, compassionate and enduring in spite of disappointments. When you reflect on 1 Cor. 11: 4-7 then you will see that same type of love in action directed by mothers toward us. For some either their mothers are no longer living or others have never experienced a loving mother. But God in His grace to us provides "other mothers" who can share maternal love for us. These "spiritual mothers" may be other relatives but may also be friends who take on that responsibility for us. Mother's day recognition is good, but better to honor her throughout the year. What gives mothers their greatest joy is when we become the person that she prayed that we would become.

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