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"Meaningful DNA--Love One Another," John 13: 31-35, Pastor Marvin G Spence

There are some things in the Christian character which compels them to continue on their faith journey and to influence others by their Christian lifestyle. Think of it as a spiritual DNA that identifies all Christians and it is manifested in all aspects of their lives.

Those traits are: 1. Selflessness: a desire and the Holy Spirit empowerment to help others who stand in the need of assistance. 2. Steadfast Love: display the ability to love the person without judgment while humbly recalling the Lord's love for us while we were yet sinners. 3. Servant Leadership: Placing the needs of others as a priority over things which are optional for us. 4. Sanctifying Love: live a Holy Spirit transformed life which applies the Lord's teaching in our interactions with others.

Remember just as branch is connected the vine, so are we connected to the Lord. This spiritual connection means we share spiritual fruit which can nourish others to seek their own spiritual connection to the Lord.

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