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"Me, Mine and God's," Psalms 106:1--6; Pastor Richard Strode Sr.

The first three verses of this Psalm reminds us and teaches us that thankfulness for all that God has done for us must go beyond the words of our mouth and extend to thankful actions. What means more to a loving God saying "Thank You" or showing "Thankfulness?" The answer is "Yes" to both questions but thankful actions have a greater impact upon ourselves and others. When we value our spiritual maturity more than material gains, we begin to see that God has given us stewardship over the blessings and providence in our lives. It is only with the Spirit's teaching and His Word (Romans 11: 36 " All things come from God, through God and return to God...") that we discern that nothing belongs to us except our commitment to be Christian to one another. We need those quiet moments to think about why we are so grateful and thankful so that we respond positively to His Spirit's urging to be a blessing to others. We demonstrate our thankfulness for what God has done for us when we wholeheartedly use our God-given abilities, gifts, resources, service and time to witness the Gospel to anyone who listens to us.

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