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"LORD OPEN OUR EYES. THAT WE MAY SEE," Luke 24: 13-35, Pastor Richard Strode

One of our greatest challenges as Believers is to trust the Lord when we are either unable to understand His plan for our lives or the Lord fails to meet our definition of the Good Shepherd. The disciples in Luke 24 may remind of ourselves when it comes to applying Scriptural teachings in our daily living. They wanted immediate kingdom changing with Jesus leading the charge for political freedom while Jesus' calling was to free us from sin's captivity by His atoning death on the cross. Often our prayers are for immediate, life-changing, dramatic upturn in overcoming life's challenges when the Lord is teaching us to grow from followers to disciples. We can better understand our calling when we "open our eyes," by seeking clarity in the Scriptures, fervent prayer and carefully listening to the Holy Spirit's guidance. Scriptures teaches that Jesus often referred to Old Testament Scripture when demonstrating that He was fulfilling God's promise. Jesus prayed publicly and privately. We would be wiser to follow His example of knowing Scripture and praying often to affirm our living was following His teaching. Our prayer is "Lord, Open Our Eyes that We May See," and do what is pleasing to you.

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