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"Lord--Help Me," Matthew 15: 21--28, Pastor Marvin G. Spence

It is considered a virtue, in today's world, to successfully resolve life's problems by our own efforts. Sometimes the world takes notice and celebrates our success as a role model for others. In this passage we learn from the Canaanite's woman plea for the Lord's healing grace to save her daughter, that are some life situations which are beyond our control. We must humble ourselves and ask for help--Divine Help, nothing else will do. This woman's pagan culture, her Gentile ethnicity and no prior relationship with Jesus should have removed her from any consideration of receiving healing for her daughter. We, too, may feel that there is no basis for Jesus to hear our prayers, based on our past. Her persistent prayer request was answered because of her perseverance and overlooking those who would either discourage or deny her the right to speak to Jesus. We must keep the faith and the trust in the Lord to do what He has promised. When we reflect on the Scripture there is another lesson to be learned, the Lord replies in His time and our patience in waiting strengthens our faith that we are not forgotten. Let us apply the Word's teaching to our life, patiently grow as a disciple and worshipfully praise the Lord for what He has already done and will continue to do for His beloved people.

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