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"Living as God's Beloved," Mark 9: 2--9, Pastor Richard Strode

Valentine's Day is known as one of the biggest days for chocolate, flowers, special dinners, engagements and marriage proposals--expressions which attempt to say that the object of one's affection is loved. When we read Mark 9:7 we hear God's public declaration of love for His only son, Jesus, who declares and proves His love for us by His atoning death on the cross for our sins (Romans 5: 8) . Human love has an end to it: Marriages fall apart; families break apart never to reconnect; friends become enemies and at times for our emotional and mental health we cut people out of our lives. God's love is lasting: God never takes His love back when we disappoint or fall down on our faith journey. He forgives our failures and welcomes us back into His family when we turn to worldly enticement instead of Him. We are so beloved by God that God, through Jesus Christ, has adopted into the family. We are now co-heirs with Jesus and will share in His glory (Romans 8: 17) when the Lord comes back to bring His Believers to the place, He has prepared for us. Let us take comfort in this fact--can't nobody love us like the Lord.

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