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"Level Up," Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22-31; Pastor Richard Strode

June is a season of graduations which is a formal recognition that one has demonstrated a higher level of competence, responsibility and hopefully increased maturity. Spiritually we should be "leveling up" in terms of increasing our faith, applying scriptural teaching in real life, displaying greater moral discernment and growing Christian maturity. Proverbs, in simple sentences, teach us how to live and love with imperfect people just like us. This real--life wisdom is found only in the Bible not in classrooms, grades, promotions or graduation but it can help you use those achievements wisely and to live as a Christian role model. Without this proverbial wisdom one may be programming self to repeatedly make bad life decisions which may have eternal consequences. Simply put: 1. Study and apply Biblical teachings in daily living and interactions with others; 2. Humbly admit that there is more to life than what you know 3. Compared to divine knowledge we function at the elementary level of understanding of our spiritual calling. Proverbs teach that wisdom calls for us to listen to its teaching if we want to avoid life's pitfalls. Let's pull ourselves away for a few minutes, from social media, social gatherings, self-indulgence and reflect on what God is trying to tell us through His Word and make some changes in our lives.

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