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"Let My People Go," Exodus 4: 29-5: 1--9

With so many instances of death, tragedy and exploitation of marginalized people, we understand why the enslaved Israelites called out to God just as we do today for divine and righteous intervention in today's world. There are those among us who are called "righteous troublemakers" who compassionately confront our oppressors and demand economic, political and social change. We look to the Lord to hear our prayers and His Believers to advocate for us. When Believers do the right thing, it can come at great cost, including losing career, family and life. With the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, righteous troublemakers can speak truth to power that all lives matter, including Black lives, equally before the Lord. When Jesus died an atoning and redemptive death on the cross, Jesus died that all would have a salvation opportunity and to live eternally with the Lord. When called to be a "righteous troublemaker," let our response be "I will." When the Lord calls you, the Lord equips you to succeed. It is our hope and prayer that the Lord is pleased with what we do for others and blesses our efforts with "Well done my faithful servant."

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