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"Keep the Faith--Even When You Can't See God Working," Habakkuk 1: 1-6; 2: 1-4

It is easy to joyously praise God and proclaim our faith when life is good and things are going well. Can we maintain our faith in God when life is a struggle with unpaid bills, financial reverses, health concerns, relationship issues and our prayers for relief remain unanswered within our expectations? Habakkuk writings provide faith-life applications for anyone today who questions why the wicked prosper in this world and some Believers struggle. God is unique from anyone or anything else that we place a high value upon—you can ask God any question as a Believer and God will answer. The answer may or may not meet your expectation, but it will be in accord within God's plan for you.

What does keeping the faith look like in the midst of doubt and struggle? We must a display spiritual attitude that God works things out for our good when we are unsure of the outcome. We must trust and obey what we are called to do. We learn to say "I will" trust the Lord;" " I will" praise the Lord regardless of circumstances; "I will" accept the Lord's decision for my life and "I will" praise the Lord within my heart and publicly as my testimony of faith. As the scripture says in Habakkuk 2: 4, the righteous live by faith. Our conscience question is how deep and strong is our faith? Others may be encouraged by our faith.

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