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"It's Not About the Benjamins," Mark 10: 17-31, Pastor Richard Strode

When we think about the quality of life that we enjoy, some may credit their success to their own gifts, intellect, motivation, and talents. Because like the rich ruler in this Scripture we become so attached to the material measures of success that we are unable to see anyone or any situation separating us from what we worked so hard to achieve. The ruler valued his material success and money more than a lasting relationship with the Lord--the price was too high. The life lessons that Jesus taught the ruler are ones that we can relate to today. Jesus is our Lord and Savior which means we give Him control over every aspect of our lives, i.e. "Here I am Lord; Use me and use everything you bless me with." An authentic relationship with the Lord means applying Scriptural teachings and His lessons to our lives. Our priority is that the Lord is THE PRIORITY not an option B to turn to when we are faced with life's challenges. Unlike the rich ruler we must confess our shortcomings, live a repentant life and ask the Lord's forgiveness. All Believers have a calling to do what is right according to the Lord's standards. Don't walk away from your calling.

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