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" In Days to Come," Isaiah 2: 1-5; Pastor Marvin G Spence

What's going on? People are behaving badly. Behaviors, such as, adultery, cheating, false theology, lying, promiscuity, swearing, stealing, etc. which harm others are sins that Believers must reject even when conventional worldly wisdom says to "live and let live." Isaiah' prophecy teaches us that we are living in the end-times and that we need to be spiritually prepared for the Lord's return. We must not let our senses be overloaded by worldly approval of self-indulgence, sensuality by any means and worship of materialism above all else.

The Lord is coming back to hold everyone accountable for use of our time, talents and resources. In the days to come, we best serve the Lord when are found sharing our spiritual fruits with others in a manner which reminds others of the Lord. Let our discernment, faith and Christian maturity remind others of the Lord's example and teachings. Please don't compromise your Christian identity for the approval of others.

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